Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Things I don't get #491,638...

I don't get those "hybrid" holsters. You know, the ones where they rivet half a kydex holster to an amoeba-shaped dinner-plate-size piece of steak wrapper.

If the cowhide's thick enough to be useful, it's like trying to smuggle an old vinyl LP* down your drawers, and if it's flexible enough to be comfy, it seems they start curling up like a Pringle inside of a distressingly short period of time, with the area that would be the sweatguard on a normal holster flopping over every time the gun is removed.

People who don't like kydex complain about the plasticky, clicky pop you get when you draw a pistol from one, which will apparently make it harder to ambush VC on the Ho Chi Minh trail. These holsters do that.

People who don't like leather complain about how leather gets all grody and funky when it's carried up against your sweaty bod on a sticky summer day. These holsters do that, too.

Plus most of the ones I've seen attach to the belt with clips or J-hooks instead of snap loops, which doesn't give me the warm and fuzzies in the security 'n' stability department.

I know some people really like them, but I've never asked why, so I guess this is my way of doing so?

*Ask your parents, kids.


Freiheit said...

I love mine. I have Crossbreed for a 1911 and a custom one done for a G22.

The holster style allows me a lot of easy adjustability, move it forward in the car, back when I get up again.

I do not wear undershirts. This style of holster has fuzzy leather against my skin rather than smooth sticky leather or the grip of the firearm. My Galco summer comfort would leave welts from the holster and the gun, hybrids do not.

For reference I am 6' 2" and 150lbs so finding any clothes or gear that fits is a challenge.

The clips are fine and allow for easier removal. Any competent maker should be able to replace them with whatever your preferred attachment is.

When new, these are a pancake in your trousers. Give it about 2 days and maybe a little water to form to your body.

Hybrids are an option. They work well for me, but no promises they work for you.

That Guy said...

Try one out. They work.

Old Faithful has a "Build your Own" kit that saves you money, just to try it out.

Sdv1949 said...

CrossBreed SuperTucks Rule!

After about three days they mold to your body. Mine is about four years old and has been used every day. Plus it fits all my 1911s.

Quite a few of my friends use them for their various pistols and we all like them.


Barry said...

I have one for my G17 and it is the first comfortable IWB I've ever found for that gun. I know, the G17 isn't really meant to be IWB-carry, at least not for most of us, and it is not my everyday carry choice. But with the Old Faithful "build-your-own", it became a viable option.

Flubnut said...

StealthGear Onyx IWB. Kydex outer mounted to a breathable fabric mesh (like on backpacks). Expensive, but it'll spoil you rotten with comfort. Will never go back to cow hide again.

Matthew said...

My all leather, rough out, IWB tends to "stick" to my body enough that it doesn't go anywhere on the draw even unsnapped.

I have no doubt using an entire half-side makes that a non-issue.

What I don't get is the surface area. 1/4" cowhide doesn't "breathe" and if I'm carrying IWB it's because I am not wearing much more than an untucked polo or sport shirt. The last thing I want is -more- sweat trapped on my skin.

UK Houston said...

Comp-Tac Minotaurs. I have at least one for every weapon. They are comfortable. You can sit in the car (or a movie theater) with a .45 under your right kidney and not be crippled by it. It's stable and will not slide around on you. The clips are far enough apart that there is little twisting stress on them and even J clips work without a problem. When unclipped, they slide in and out of your belt easily without removing the weapon. Very safe.

It would be ludicrous to use one for appendix carry as all the cool kids now do, but then I am not built for a-carry anyway.

If you carry IWB at 4 or 5 o'clock (and you are not a Size 2), I suggest you try one.

The Raving Prophet said...

I also use the Crossbreed Supertuck for IWB.

It's thinner than a regular leather holster and more comfortable than a kydex. I've used a Milt Sparks VM2 (fantastic holster), and the Supertuck is every bit as good as far as comfort and hanging onto the gun go while being rather cheaper with a far shorter wait.

Such hybrid things aren't quite as good for OWB (I have some Crossbreed OWB holsters, and while they work well, they aren't quite as good as leather or kydex only OWB models).

I'd recommend trying one out if you like IWB. It will bring you around. Sure, they're ugly, but hey, if somebody can see your IWB holster you either need to improve your concealment or they're intimate enough an acquaintance that they won't judge.

Tam said...

That Guy,

"Try one out."

I have a couple.

Tam said...

UK Houston,

"You can sit in the car (or a movie theater) with a .45 under your right kidney and not be crippled by it."

I've carried 1911s in Galco or Sparks leather and now full-size M&Ps in Dark Star Gear or RCS kydex IWB over my right kidney for more than a decade now. Routinely take day-long (or even multi-day) roadtrips wearing them. Have fallen asleep on them.

Scott J said...

"I've carried 1911s in Galco or Sparks leather and now full-size M&Ps in Dark Star Gear or RCS kydex IWB over my right kidney for more than a decade now. Routinely take day-long (or even multi-day) roadtrips wearing them. Have fallen asleep on them."

You make me burn with envy.

I was a husky pants kid an I figure that's why I've never really ever been able to get that comfortable with IWB carry.

joe in reno said...

I have a Versa Max from Sparks. I love it. Wonderful leather work and a great design. Wore it daily for years. Trouble is I can no longer wear it for any length of time as it aggravates the sciatica to the point of screaming pain. After trying to find a IWB holster that didn't make my leg feel like electrified hot nails were being shot into it, I bought a Comp-Tac Minator simply out of desperation. The wider more flexible backing spreads the pressure and the kydex makes it relatively easy to re-holster. I have worn it daily for about a year now and do not see any wear beyond a minor "polishing" of the body side leather or or any softening or curling. Both holsters have their respective clips and I see no practical difference in positioning or retaining the holster or gun. The Comp-Tac is also 1/2 the price of the Sparks and the wait time is around 2 weeks vs 3-6 months for the Sparks.

rremington said...

I use a CB Supertuck for my 1911. Now that I carry a G19 with a light I went the full Kydex route and like that too. YMMV. Both are comfortable for me.

Anonymous said...

My limited understanding is horse hide doesn't lose its stiffness as quickly as cow hide. May be something in the tanning process used in my examples though.

Ancient Woodsman said...

I don't "love" but really do appreciate my Galco
King Tuck. It was made for the SIG P229, but fits not only that but my 226s, 220, and three sizes of P250 as well. Heck, I even jammed my old pre-rail Taurus PT92 in there on occasion.

I also have one for the 1911, which fits not only that but the Ruger SR9 just fine as well.

Not saying it's right, but am saying that on my end is one happy customer of the hybrid of kydex & leather. All worn from very cold, multi-layer wool-is-everything New England winters to the hot very hot summers in Nevada & Arizona. I can't complain, but then again I'm not much of a complainer.

On the other hand, I've got plenty of Bianchi, Galco, Blade Tech, Comp Tac, IMI/SIGTac, and Serpa holsters of various types for various other reasons, too. Each certainly has its place, but I'm pretty sure none is the "best" for everything.

Tam said...

Ancient Woodsman,

" It was made for the SIG P229, but fits not only that but my 226s, 220, and three sizes of P250 as well. Heck, I even jammed my old pre-rail Taurus PT92 in there on occasion."

Back when he and I were both younger and poorer, Marko advanced the theory that when it comes to holster fitment, the CZ75 is the Universal Gun and the P226 is the Universal Holster. This obviously falls down somewhat with kydex, but seems true with leather or nylon...

Windy Wilson said...

I come here for two reasons, a daily dose of snark is pretty satisfying most days, and it invigorates me for the day. The other reason is educational, and this blogpost and its comments has finally cleared up for me why it is called a cross-breed holster.
For both benefits, I thank you.

The WV was Gaidica. Queen Boadica's Sister, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Tam I don't like the ones that are riveted but the MTAC is something different completely.

Skip said...

Kinda partial to Dragon Fugly's for ol' slabsides and CZ75s.
As it gets colder I sling 'em under arm from A.E Nelson (clamshells).

jeff said...

I've had a Comptac minotaur for 5 years or so, 2 different leather backers and 4 different kydex holsters. I like them, but I agree that the clips could be a bit better. I've never had a problem on the draw, but I notice that exiting a car the rear clip tends to have popped off of my belt about 80% of the time. I do tend to wear an old 5.11 belt, which may have something to do with it. The bit of curling in the leather at the base of the holster doesn't bother me at all.

LonelyMachines said...

Your reference to LP's is less retro than your usage of the word "grody."

I mean, gag me with a spoon.

Fred said...

I do have a Crossbreed for my J-Frame, and it gets a decent amount of use. It's more comfortable to me in hot weather (the leather backer breathes better than the full Kydex rig I've got) but it's not as secure feeling to me (no positive "click" on it like I get off my White Dog Holster.) Never had a problem with the spring clips coming off during a draw though, probably because it is a little looser.

d said...

I've been using the CBST for years.
I don't suffer from "drawer full of holsters" except in that all my carry guns have a CBST or similar, and there might be a few extra 1911 holsters for different purposes.

Here's my CBST after years of wear, and a LOT of Obenauf's leather preservative wax.

The clips are more secure than you think, if you have a thick belt. Considering that when I take off the CBST, I have to unclip the rear, lift, unclip the front, lift, unclip the rear, lift, etc etc - it isn't coming out if I ever need the boomstick in a hurry.

abnormalist said...

I went with a crossbreed for a simple reason, concealment.
My work attire is kahkis and polos, and the polos need to be tucked. So it was an option of a tuckable holster or pocket.

For a tuckable it was far thinner than the other tuckable IWB options I saw, has the velcro clips (WHICH ARE AWESOME and offer some SERIOUS attachment), and distributes the weight very well on my belt. With my body type a bulge on the waist gets pretty quickly noticed in that type of attire, so thin is good for me.

I agree with you about the record size leather on the kholster ones, those make no sense to me, but the mtac, supertucks do.

If you dont care for them then they obviously arent for you, for me though, they are the best option for carrying a regular sized weapon. Pocket still rules for concealment for me, but a tiny seven shot 380 just doesnt inspire confidence like a full size double stack 45

Drang said...

I've been feeling like I've been failing as a gun geek because i don't have the obligatory "box of holsters I don't use anymore." So my Christmas List is heavy on leather and kydex.

I've convinced Mrs. Drang to invest in a good belt for carrying OWB or IWB, the next step is convincing her to carry that way, instead of in a purse. (I think a trip to BladeTech may be in order.)

DAG said...

I like the hybrid holsters for a couple of reasons they are more secure while I am mobile than any of the plain leather holsters I have used in that they do not shift while I am active, they hold the firearm more securely or at least I perceive them to be more secure than a plain leather holster and just as secure as a kydex holster.

I also feel that the holster is Slimmer than a traditional Leather holster, and they seem more comfortable than a regular kydex holster for IWB carry.

Then there is the ability to tuck your shirt in so that you can easily dress up, or just look professional.

yes in the Summer down in VA they are sweat producers but so is any holster regardless of make and a simple weakly wipe down with a damp paper towel seems to keep my galco king tuck form growing anything i would not want on my skin. As such I do not find the whole sweating issue a big deal.

Grumpy Sergeant said...

I'm slowly beginning to appreciate the breed. I grew up on custom leather and looked down on that plastic stuff. I managed to sweat through my DelFatti and rust the slide on a 1911 within one day of moving to GA in the summer time, thus bringing me to the kydex and G19 I wear today.

I'm still of two minds about IWB hybrid holsters, just because of the sweatguard flopover that you describe, that and the sweat through effect in hot weather. However, I think that for OWB, they rule.

ASM826 said...

I used ride a leather Brooks saddle on my bicycle. Much the same issue, a heavy piece of "cow wrapper", hard to break in and never as comfortable as you hoped. But both with the holsters and the saddles, it is better to start with a thicker, stiffer piece of leather and break it in, both with use and saddle soap, than to start with a thin piece that needs to replaced in a short time.

I prefer to carry outside the waistband, but there are times when clothing choices require a tucked in shirt and these holster provide good support and concealment at those times.

LCB said...

I wear a thin "wife beater" undershirt that keeps my IWB Crossbreed comfortable...keeps down the sweat and rub factor. Then I wear a polo shirt or T-shirt over top. Or, for church, a dress shirt tucked in. Only my wife notices cause, well, she knows to look for it.

Unknown said...

I don't like the riveted Crossbreed holsters at all. They feel cheap, and aren't adjustable for cant.

I've been using a Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra for EDC for about the last year. It took over from my Comp-Tac MTAC, which in turn retired my non-tuckable Brommeland. I still have all of them, but the Infidel fits the role of a Royal Guard/Summer Comfort. Quicker on/off than loops with the polymer belt clip, fully adjustable Kydex retention on the body, doesn't fold shut like older leather, and with the comfortable and malleable leather against the skin/shirt/undies.

I still use the MTAC when I want to tuck in my shirt, but when it's cold enough for a jacket - and it usually is - I just wear the Infidel Ultra.

I agree there are downsides to both leather and kydex, but thankfully, the leather is on the inside for comfort, and the kydex is on the outside for solid retention and easy re-holstering. Reverse that, and you really do have the worst of both worlds...but I can't go back from the Comp-Tac now.

Doc Merlin said...

Horsehide > cowhide