Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Failure to feed.

I walked through flurrying snow over to Twenty Tap to get some lunch.

Unfortunately, the joint was packed.

Judging by the number of parties with five or more people spilling out of booths, all the denizens of Champion's Downe and Squire's Greene and all those other places out in Fishers and Carmel that have rural-sounding names so you know the subdivision was built on what used to be a farm must have got off early from shuffling file folders in cubicleville today and decided to take office lunches at my neighborhood pub on the way home from downtown.

I went next door to the comparatively deserted Sam's Gyros and had an order of saganaki instead. It had stopped snowing by the time I walked home. I stuck my head in Fresh Market for some necessities on the way, and it was as zoo-like in there as you'd expect; they had the "take-a-number" dispenser up in front of the meat counter for the procrastinators looking for turkeys. Luckily Bobbi already grabbed our rapidly-becoming-a-tradition turducken.


The Jack said...


I went to the Freshmarket last night at around 8 for some vittles. Place was more crowded than usual but not prohibitive.

Looks like I made the right call.

staghounds said...

What is this thanksgiving of which you speak?

billf said...

Tam,"shuffling file folders in cubicville"That's the funniest description of it I have heard.
Needed some drugs yesterday so I went to the Wally world pharmacy-I didn't know you could put that many people in that building.They must have bussed some from out of town.

billf said...


Anonymous said...

Saganaki sounds like it should be the name for billions and billions of different types of americanized sushi rolls named after Carl Sagan.