Friday, November 08, 2013

Days of Our Lives

Spent yesterday in bed.

Slept through a lot of the morning news and the Today show.

Ralph Macchio was on Queen Latifah's talk show. It is a little disturbing to me that the Karate Kid now has a 21-year-old daughter.

Watched the local news at noon. It was surprisingly similar to the news at 0600. It's a big world, but not a lot happens in it before lunch, I guess.

Fished around for the remote half-heartedly but couldn't find it in time and so I snoozed through Days of Our Lives, a comforting drone in sickrooms across the land, letting you know the day's half done.

Dr. Oz assured me Sriracha would burn my belly fat. Also, the cooking segment on the Today show recently involved Sriracha. And there's a Sriracha sub at Subway according to the commercials I saw yesterday. Sriracha's on a full-court PR press right now.

Stuff happened on Ellen, but I snoozed through most of that, too. Except the part where they rigged up 18 leaf blowers and spewed TP all over the studio. I was awake for that part.

There were dysfunctional people on the Dr. Phil show. The guests were flat crazy, too.

It looked cold outside the window. I thought about going out in it, but came to my senses. I wandered into the kitchen and scrounged up a fruit cup and a granola bar.

Then came the news at five, which mostly confirmed that, again, not much had happened in Naptown since lunch. Then there was news at six, for those people who'd been stuck in traffic since five and therefore hadn't already been told that not much had happened since they left the house that morning.

On the national news, President Obama offered a handful of blame-shifting excuses that would have been embarrassing coming from a McDonald's shift supervisor giving me a refund for a cold order of fries. This, I was assured by a fawning Chuck Todd, was an apology for the ongoing fiasco of Obamacare. Long story short: The dog ate his legislation.

Bobbi got home from work and heated me up a bowl of soup. Progresso Italian wedding soup. Yum.

Dozed through Wheel of Fortune, and rocked at Jeopardy.

Then one of those singing shows came on, whichever one is on NBC, and I switched over to a golden mouldies station to be lulled to bed by the dulcet tones of a few episodes of Magnum P.I.


Scott J said...

So, did you dream of smog dog Ferraris? :)

This reader's day in the life contained oddities too.

The Church I attended from birth until around age 17 or so burned to the ground in the pre-dawn hours. I live on the opposite side of the metro area now so I saw it on the news before Facebook friends alerted me (unusual these days).

Spent most of the day dragging because I stayed up past midnight taking my IDPA Safety Officer test. I have class on Sunday.

Buzz said...

Italian wedding soup is surprisingly high in fat, but oooohhhhhh so good.
Of course, now the gov has changed course and decided transfat is worse for us that good old fashioned saturated fat, so you're OK.
I was a pimply-faced high school kid when they pushed vegetable shortening to all the fast-food places for deep frying. We used to get big cubes of vegetable shortening for fish and fruit pies, good stuff for fries and nuggets. One day, the good stuff stopped showing up. (but the fries were still coming to us already blanched in the good stuff)

Tam said...

Campbell's markets a version of Italian wedding soup in their Select Harvest healthy line that is low in sodium, fat, and flavor. It tastes like dishwater and noodles with little sawdust balls floating around in it for variety.

Laura said...

one of Maccio's early girlfriends has a stepdaughter who's 31 or 32, so he waited a bit. :)

Joseph said...

Italian Wedding soup is the new Chicken Noodle.

Hope you are feeling better.

Bob said...

I wonder if Macchio had to endure Macchio-style whining from his daughter growing up: But it's not faaaaaiiiiir, Daddyyyy!

jimbob86 said...

"Dr. Oz assured me Sriracha would burn my belly fat."

Eat too much of it, and it'll burn somethin' else ...... How do you Culo del Fuego in Vietnamese (or is it Thai- I forget)?

Sriracha just showed up in our local supermarket ... it's everywhere, and folks are raving about it ..... it's getting like the movie "The Stuff", from my misspent yout' ...... "Nobody knows how it's made or what's in it, but people are lining up to buy ... it. It's got a delicious flavor to die for!"

Hope you get to feeling better...

Jerry said...

Hi Tam,

Hope you are feeling better. My doc says keep moving. I tell him it hurts too much.

Eat more soup, feel better in the morning.

Bob said...

The people of Irwindale, California, think that the air in their fair city REEKS LIKE COCK because of the Sriracha factory:

Tam said...


The people of Irwindale seem to be less numerous and more closely related to a city councilman than originally reported.

Reno Sepulveda said...

Pho (go to any Vietnamese place and order their #1) is the new chicken noodle. Especially if you squirt a bunch of Sriracha in it.

Paul said...

WTF is Sriracha? And why would I want to eat something adds tell me is good for me?

If my food does not rot on its own I won't eat it.

Anonymous said...

Watching daytime tv usually cures me of most things.


mikee said...

Tomorrow you will feel better, especially if you make it outside.

I am not a doctor but I have had the brand of wedding soup of which you partook. That and a good game of Jeopardy should take care of most anything not involving surgical invasive techniques of the cranium.

I only hope you answered out loud while imitating Sean Connery.

og said...

Ach4es and pains that I can directly attribute to changes in the weather or old injuries or recent self inflicted dumbassery, while they hurt no less, always make me grin.

I have been (lucky) enough, I suppose, that my spills have resulted in few traumatic injuries, possibly at least partially due to my size (Bumbles bounce!) but when I crawl out of bed after a particularly bad episode, it's always a case of "I win! I'm STILL HERE!"

Glad you're still here.

Bob said...

@Tam: Oh-ho, is the councilman's son attempting a Jesse Jackson-style shakedown?

Tam said...


"WTF is Sriracha?"

I'm not sure we can be friends. :p

Buzz said...

I told your mother last night, "Suck it, Trebek."

armedlaughing said...

Queen Latifa has a Talk Show?

What happened to Tom Snyder and Donohue?


Stretch said...

Heck, I miss Merv Griffin and Art Linkletter.
If you'll excuse me I have to go yell at some whippersnappers standing on my lawn.

dave said...

Don't forget the Sriracha candy canes.

Paul said...

Ok, tam, I went the link and found Si whatever is hot sauce.

I put Tabasco on eggs so I suppose I could try this. matter of fact I might go by subway and try the sandwich.

Can we still be buds :{p

I just have a basic distrust of anyone who advertises on TV of late.

Paul said...

So I can stand corrected. That Sriracha is pretty good. Hot about right. Definitely has bit, but does not wipe out the taste buds.

I'm a convert.

Tam said...

It is yummy stuff. ( And the story behind the maker is pretty 'Merica!, too. :)

Charles Pergiel said...

It is a little disturbing to me that I now have a 23-year-old daughter.

Old Grouch said...

Watched the local news at noon. It was surprisingly similar to the news at 0600. It's a big world, but not a lot happens in it before lunch, I guess.

It's sad, but the amount of local broadcast "news" has always depended on how good the local newspaper is. The TV "producers," who do the actual reporting that the talking heads read, are often out-of-towners on their way somewhere else. They lack local knowledge and contacts, so often don't recognize a story until the morning paper prints it. And they've never had the resources to do much independent digging. So they follow the paper's lead: Good local paper: Lots of interesting news on the air. Lazy one: Not so much.

The same applies to the networks, who have always built their daily agendas from the New York Times.

Robin said...

Maybe srirachi is a wonder food.

But Dr. Oz is a complete loon.

NotClauswitz said...

WTH is up with Oz, his show has become all witch-doctory dietary promotions of some kind or another including homeopathy where farcical .0000% remedies purport. Is bizzarro world all over again.