Thursday, February 13, 2014

Let them eat their vegetables! And drink more water.

This from the lady who's taken it upon herself to nag the nation's children about their fatty fatness:

None of those grinding income inequality food deserts at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, no siree! For an appetizer, they served lark's tongues in aspic and irony.


SayUncle said...

It's not income inequality. They're using all of our income for it.

Windy Wilson said...

Moreover, "Let them eat cake" was a line from a play written about that time, or from Jean Jaques Rousseau' autobiography, written when Marie Antoinette was 9 years old, and her biographer (who wasn't exactly writing hagiography) didn't quote her as saying it (The seeking out of a citation is left as an exercise for the class). It's up there, then, with "I can see Russia from my Porch."
The First Lady, however, did chide us for eating whatever is on her no-no list this week.

Derfel Cadarn said...

Another difference is that the LARGE hump on the lower back of Marie's dresses were fashion accessories.

Old NFO said...

Word has it the 'meal' served was somewhere in the vicinity of 2500 calories... But according to FLOTUS you're not supposed to consume that in a day, so did they pass on breakfast and lunch??? :-)

Anonymous said...

Not seeing a problem here. One of the reasons I eat a healthy diet most of the time is so I can enjoy special occasions without worrying about calories or chloresterol.

And if they served a simple meal of rice & beans for a state dinner, I'm sure there would be snide comments about it just being political theater.

Scott J said...

And let's not forget that Darden Restaurants (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Longhorn and Bahama Breeze) went all in with backing her nagging and is now struggling financially.

Tam said...

"Not seeing a problem here."

Of course you aren't.

The problem isn't the state dinner; the problem is the personal "FLOTUS" Twitter account of the woman who is constantly finger-wagging about healthy eating and income inequality being used to tweet a picture of two dogs draped in bling sitting at a table pimped like a set piece from a Louis Quinze costume drama.

If that doesn't strike you as just a little tone deaf, I'm suggesting you might be a teeny bit partisan in your politics.

Ed said...

The saying was "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche or "Let them eat brioche" (a rich bread made from flour, butter, milk, sugar and eggs), but Marie Antoinette did not say it.

Tam said...


1) I did know that, actually.

B. Have I told you my Indian name? ;)