Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hoosier boomstick legal news...

...Roomie has the dirt.


Joseph said...

As someone who works at a State "School" I would certainly love to see a lock it in your vehicle law passed. Especially when you drive home and see where the CVS that's 500 yards from your house has a parade of local PD parked out front after its been robbed, again.

rickn8or said...

If the IN legislature does get a good "Gunz in carz! In parking lots!!" bill passed could we in TN possibly borrow them for a while?

We're on our third attempt at same in as many years and all we've managed to do is get relieve the owner of the lot of civil liability in case someone gets shot on his property. "Copy and paste" seems to be beyond our elected officials ken.

Scott J said...

Meanwhile here in AL they're attempting again to do away with the asinine "permit required to carry in console, glove box, etc" requirement.

In debate in Montgomery about it the executive director their our state Sheriff's association floated the gem that he views your vehicle as "part of public property" while you're out and about.

So by that logic I suppose he thinks he's justified without probable cause or warrant to just open and search every vehicle in a public parking garage on a grand fishing expedition.