Wednesday, February 05, 2014

SAD in only 2,000 words:


Actually, the Black Dog hasn't been that bad this year. I've only dragged out the UV lamp a couple times a week so far, but I've also tried to get myself outside any time the yellow face was in the sky.

This is the kind of weather that you appreciate most as a kid, because the only effects it has on your life are generally good ones.


bluesun said...

I didn't get a single snow day all the way through school. Not a single one. The year after I graduated High School there were a couple, and my younger brother got to have them off.

Not that I'm bitter or anything. Nope.

Anonymous said...

Fellow sufferer here. Does the lamp work for you?

Windy Wilson said...

I'm getting myself checked for sleep apnea next week, and I probably ought to get myself checked out for SAD, since I would just as well stay in bed from Columbus Day to Thanksgiving each year.

Anonymous said...

Discouraged by the cost of full spectrum lamps for people, I went to a pet shop and bought a couple of lizard lamps and put them into cheap clip on reflectors I had left over from another project. I used to drag them from room to room but lately they've mainly been clipped to various highish objects around the living room near the fireplace. I've also started using a Canadian device that slowly turns on a lamp near my bed around 6 Am every morning, simulating sunrise. No SAD. Pretty damned chipper in fact!

Anonymous said...

I happen to love the snow, as much hassle as it can cause in the Mid-Atlantic. I don't even sneer at the southerners anymore (me being raised a yankee and all). Everything is relative, and snow makes me smile.

Shovels are never far this time of year, in hopes I get to use them. Now that I got two little kids - five and two years of age - we just amp each other up every time it might snow. This year has been fun so far. We even got mom to head out with her snowboard and demo our little hills in the woods.

The only downside has been the extended hard freeze caused all manner of hungry predator to attack my ducks and chickens, because the little rodents are all snug under a log or something. We've had more attacks in the last two weeks - owls, hawks and "other" than we've had in a year.

I still like the snow, though.

Mike_C said...

> the Black Dog hasn't been that bad this year

Glad to hear Barkley is behaving himself. I didn't know you were dog-sitting again. [ducks]

Q: What's a metaphor?
A: It's a good place to graze cows.

Will said...

Park that lamp at your normal morning web spot. I'm told morning is best for it. Wish I could remember to turn mine on. Sigh..
Which is why it's on now at 7:pm! Just love that green glow ;)

Davidwhitewolf said...

Hmm. I finally pulled the trigger on a retreat property in the Sierras because, unlike nearly everything else I could find, this one had a nice wall of trees blocking any direct sun at all; important when it's 80-90 degrees outside. If I want sun, I can go for a quick hike off the property and up there I'll get a nice deep tan with 10 minutes' exposure.

Not sure where one could find a happy medium: sunny but not too hot. Eastern Oregon, maybe?

fillyjonk said...

"This is the kind of weather that you appreciate most as a kid, because the only effects it has on your life are generally good ones. "

Oh, so true. Earlier this winter, I asked myself: "When did you turn into a sad old adult? You used to love snow" when I was unhappy one day that we got it (it shuts everything down here; we had to reschedule a day of exam week because of it)

Joel said...

And in a single photo, you remind me of the main reason I moved away from Michigan. :)

Goober said...

Why is the dog black?


global village idiot said...

I think it's what we associate with snow. It's much as Tam said.

If all we think of snow is inconvenience, toil and misery, it's little surprise we end up dreading the winter.

It's not for everyone, but I like cross-country skiing. It feels like play and brings back some of the associations of childhood. Now I look forward to snow far more than I used to.

Still don't care to drive in it.