Monday, February 17, 2014

QotD: Not Staying Where You're Not Wanted Edition

It was hard to pick a blurb from this great piece at WeaponsMan about the pending Remington expansion* into Alabama, but here's a good taste:
Someday, when the plant closes, or there’s a big layoff, Andrew Cuomo or some equally corrupt successor will travel to Ilion (complaining every mile, privately to his palace eunuchs, about how remote from anything important it is) and give a Man of The People speech that will be written for him by some junior flunky, who also majored in student council, and considers the actual work of manufacturing a task for Morlocks, far beneath him.
You should go read it.

*They're saying "expansion" but everybody knows that this is going to eventually turn out to be the hermit crab kind of expansion, where the expanded entity leaves behind an empty shell.


Ferret said...

How long, I wonder, before we start to see legislatures in the assorted not-so-free states start floating bills for an "exit tax" similar to the federal one?

Firehand said...

And every clown from Gov. Howler to Schumer is trying desperately to find a way to either bribe or threaten Remington into staying. Because they know what you say is true.

Ah, the tears and screams of arrogant politicians... sweet.

Jim said...

Tam, thank you for posting that link. Saved the essay as a favorite.

Quite frankly, that's the finest broadside I've had the pleasure to read as regards not only the gun aspect of the matter, but the human nature aspect, as well.

The writing itself is superb, too.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to email it out to a few certain libtards. I mean, why shouldn't their Monday start out with a bang?

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

fast richard said...

I always thought the Morlocks were unfairly maligned and demonized in Wells' story. I thought the Morlocks were more likely to have developed a decent society, while the Eloi would have gone as extinct as the Neanderthals, ie. perhaps not totally without descendants, but without a separate existence.

Kristophr said...

Of course it is just an expansion.

Obama's NLRB made it clear to business during the attempted Boeing-Seattle shutdown that openly admitting that a state is too pro-union to stay in business in is a form of crimethink and crimespeak.

Kristophr said...

fast richard: Agreed.

What the hell else can you do with Eloi? It's either fill the smokehouse, or make Soylent Diesel.

Mike_C said...

Another thanks for posting the link to that excellent WeaponsMan piece.

On the goofball front: for some disturbing reason my brain keeps misreading Ilion as "lion", especially in a sans serif font where it looks like "llion". I believe that a llion is a fuzzy, long-necked South American carnivore that spits when angry.

Finally, if y'all find yourself in Herkimer County try Crazy Otto's Empire Diner in the town of Herkimer. They serve (good) food that would cause FLOTUS to have a rage-induced aneurysm.

NotClauswitz said...

I think the Illionisy should spend some time and chip away, and in the end take all the inside bricks with them, so when He Quomo-ziggy leans against the wall it collapses like a lace curtain and pinches his pinky-ring.