Sunday, February 09, 2014

Overheard in Roomie's Bedroom...

The TeeWee in there has cut on and I have wandered in to watch the Sunday morning news programs in search of inspiration. The weatherperson says it's snowing again. I pull back the shade and she's right; great big fluffy flakes of insult are piling on the blanket of injury already on the ground.

Bobbi decides that's a splendid reason to avoid getting out of bed for a while, and returns to surfing the 'net on her Kindle while I flinch at the sight of Chuck Schumer's head in 1.5x life size there on Meet The Press. Big screen televisors have few drawbacks, but inflating the mug shot of that bipedal Komodo dragon to scary proportions is one of them.

Bobbi is reading about nutria...
RX: "Apparently the only good thing about nutria is the effect they have on the wild hog population..."

Me: "What, do they get into the nests and eat the hog eggs?"

RX: "Hog eggs? Ew!"

Me: "They'd be great! You'd have the bacon already in the omelet!"


Weer'd Beard said...

Milking a sow for pig cheese would complete the omelette!

Charles Lee Scudder said...

Now I want a bacon omelette.

Unknown said...

I always did wonder about the nutritional properties of pig milk.

Tried to name a WoW goblin rogue 'Nutria' one time, but the software wouldn't let me. A guild officer suggested I look at Urban Dictionary. Sure enough the word was supposedly used in some Gulf Coast circles as a derogatory reference to Hurricane Katrina refugees, and thus could be construed as an ethnic slur.

Between that and the whole bacon thing ... ;)

(NB: this is a dig at the PC mob's compulsion to take offense at just about everything. It is NOT a shot at Tam or Bobbi or anyone here.)

Billll said...

So I now have it on excellent authority that bacon-flavored hog eggs are a breakfast treat sweeping the country.

Give me a couple minutes and it will be "widely reported".

If some of the rest of you pick this up and cite the blog, it will be "widely accepted".

After that it will be only a week or so before the story appears in one of those papers that adorn check stands all over the country.

Kristophr said...

Ya know ... there was a nutria fad in Oregon and some other states for a while.

They were the 1950's Alpaca. Everyone who started farming them was gonna get rich. The second everyone who wanted in on the fad had theirs, the price of nutria tanked.

Most of the damned things got released into the wild.

Matthew said...

So "it has been said" by "reliable unnamed sources?" Good enough for me!

Jennifer said...

Genius! I need a flock of hogs!

NotClauswitz said...

Grand Komodo Schurmer at 1.5x lifesize is a dispiriting mental vision that I'm now busy trying to erase with alcohol.