Thursday, August 14, 2014

*Le sigh*

It's Thursday. That means the range doesn't open 'til noon because they're mowing. I had plans that involved dipping out the back door on the heels of rush hour, running down to MCF&G, and busting some caps to get the rust off my 1911 shooting for an upcoming review.

Heck, I'll have to blow literal dust off the guns, they've been sitting idle for so long.

I know that a lot of gun writers mention that they CCW the piece they're reviewing. I'm not sure how I feel about doing that myself. First of all, with my luck the one time I actually need a sidearm, it'll be some loaner I had no intention of buying. Second, there's a certain level of trust I have in a gat that I've carried and shot for years that isn't equaled by running a few boxes of ammo through a strange gun at a range and then holstering up. I know some people change carry guns more often than they change socks, and that's fine, but I change carry guns almost as rarely as Catholics change popes; 'reactionary' is too mild to describe my feelings on the topic.

While I'm reviewing the 1911, I might carry a 1911 again, so that I arrive at the range with a usable holster on my belt, but the 1911 I carry is going to be one I know and trust.


B said...

Indeed. One must have trust in their carry gun. It might be that you *Really* need it, and it would be a bitch if you hadda do a malf drill in an already stressful situation. Especially on a gun you aren't familiar with.

I don't carry a gat unless it can go AT LEAST 500 rounds without an ammo related malfunction.

Ho many is enough? I dunno, but I have set MY bar to 500.


Paul said...

Never want to do malf drills when the bad man is in bad breath distance.

Skip said...

"Never want to do malf drills when the bad man is in bad breath distance."
That's why Jay G. likes bayonets.

DJ9 said...

Preach it, Tam.

Bouncing from pistol to pistol is no way to build a long-term skill-set for (potential) lifesaving duties.

mikee said...

The only solution is to CCW your normal carry gun as the primary, and then weak-side carry the first review gun, SoB carry the second review gun, use dual shoulder holsters for the next two, ankle holsters for reveiw guns #5 & 6, then Thunderwear carry for review of those neat subcompacts that are all the rage now.

Don't fall in any deep water while doing this, of course.