Saturday, August 16, 2014

Overheard on the Internet...

Someone was asking how good the new M&P22 Compact was as a general bumming around/woods walking/critter pest disposal gun:
Caleb: "The three dead prairie dogs and the biogas jackrabbit say it's pretty good."

Me: " Is that autocorrect, or a new alternative fuel source out of the Dakotas?"

Caleb: "Autocorrect. I got a new iPad recently and I haven't trained it up yet. It still thinks "Kimber" means "Kimberly.""

Me: "For the record, Biogas Jackrabbit would be an awesome band name. "


Anonymous said...

Wasn't Biogas Jackrabbit a modified Volkswagen?

Sklutch said...

Heh. "Biogas jackrabbit"...latin name "Lepus Flatulencia".

Vermin species in California during fire season, but prized in the prairie for grasslands health.

Occasional reports of an airborne "Fweeeet!" caused by raptor strikes have not been substantiated.

Paul said...

Biogas rabbit? Would it be classified as a reactive target?