Tuesday, August 05, 2014


...aaand done. Now to go choot this thing some and see what's what.


Windy Wilson said...

In the spirit of not speaking ill of the dead, if not the letter, I must note that even Nancy Reagan, of "I have this little gun" [for protection] fame said, "He and Sarah never gave up, and never stopped caring about the causes in which they believed."

That the cause was the disarmament of the innocent to leave them naked before the wicked was diplomatically unsaid.

Nancy Reagan's statement was about as diplomatic as one could be considering what Sara Brady has striven for these last 33 years. It reminds me of the Jesuit director of the library at Loyola Los Angeles, of whom it was said would not speak ill of anyone. It is said that once, when asked to opine about the Devil, he remarked that "You must admit he is a very hard worker."
Sadly, someone whom the Reagans so highly regarded and placed so much trust in became a symbol of anti liberty and living in fear of ordinary crime in the name of preventing rare acts of the criminally insane.

Joseph said...

Those look like Lego sights.

og said...

That looks cool. I shot a Mossy with a set of Dead Ringers on it once, but this looks like a better- or at least more familiar- sight picture.

Paul said...

Rifled barrel? If so, pretty good deer gun as well.

range report anon?

Tam said...


"Rifled barrel?"


KM said...

When I sighted in my 11-87 barrel I was surprised at how much the POI changed between slug loads/brands.
I'm used to that with rifles but thought the shotty would be different for some dumb reason.

PA State Cop said...

Loose the rear sights. You can't make the front site bright enough to overcome the distance differential. I have a Big Dot on just the front site post of both My 870 and a Trijicon on the M1 Super 90. Cheek Weld and front dot. Think of the Muzzle Reference Device on the Tube of an M1 Tank.

Gewehr98 said...

I'm just waiting for a phone call from my former WC-135 squadronmates, asking me if I know why there's a concentrated beta emission site in Indianapolis, particularly the Broad Ripple area. Then I know Tam's really gone big-time with the whole tritium night sight thing...

Tam said...

PA State Cop,

"Loose the rear sights. You can't make the front site bright enough to overcome the distance differential."

I was thinking I might wind up needing to use a Sharpie on the rear dots.

Paul said...

I have a 20 Remington with a slug barrel on it. every so often it throws one slug at right angles so it is now a sage queen.

If my father in law had not bequeathed it to me, I would probably let it go.

But for in the home using buck shot that should be a pretty spiffy combination.

Grayson said...

So how well does it choot? ;)

Jim said...

Tritriums on my 1911 Commander are past their "use by" date, although the do still glow, albeit at half-strength.

I'm only going to replace the front blade though. Front, BRIGHT. Rear dots, subdued.

Seem that it ought to be a more natural sight picture to acquire and align.

If it doesn't work as planned, I can always install the new rear sights. If it does work, I'll have a good night-light in the gunsafe.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Boat Guy said...

Installation comments? Pretty fast turnaround.
Didn't learn/make up any new words?
Mine oughtta be her before the weekend.