Saturday, August 16, 2014

Speciation continues apace.

Back in New Jersey, Tony Soprano is dead, but Snooki is still alive.

(H/T to Bitter.)


Sebastian said...

The thing that blows my mind about northeastern elites, since I'm sure nearly none of them would be willing to pick up a rifle themselves and shoot some jihadist in the face, is that they don't think what would happen if other people refuse to do that in their behalf.

Because there's nothing I can think of that would make me less willing to write that check for everything up to and including my life than thinking that the people I'm protecting could not only give a shit, but view me as some kind of subhuman monster for doing so.

Anonymous said...

People get that "nervous" over a friggin' t-shirt?

Can somebody explain to me how we lost to Those People??? Has something gone badly wrong in their gene pool since 1865?

Anonymous said...




og said...

I don't have any idea who snookie is, but if he wears a shirt like that I don't want him around me either, especially if I'm eating.

Bram said...

Shocking - every other thug in the state is admitted to that park.

And check out the global warming. My Cherry trees are starting to turn too - in mid-August.