Saturday, August 09, 2014


So, in various recesses of the internets I had heard how the president had flown Air Force One over to Afghanistan, leaned out the door with a Stinger missile, and shot it at a helicopter full of the guys who had "killed Bin Laden". The missile hit the explosive vest of an Islamic terrorist who'd been substituted into the flight roster at the last minute, detonating it, and killing all the witnesses to the fake moon landi... fake Bin Laden takedown.

As it turns out, those accusations may not be entirely correct. As a matter of fact, they might entirely be whacky nonsense fueled by ghoulish conspiracy jerks making money off the bottled tears of Gold Star Parents by exploiting their grief.


TCHall said...

No shortage of stupid on The Web. Anyone with an opinion (or two) can put their ignorance up for the known universe to see.
It's not the Brave New World we were promised.

Anonymous said...

I get so angry at Alex Jones and the conspiracy crowd that I shake with rage, and that is not healthy.

Shootin' Buddy

Crucis said...

Alex Jones is the worse of the Tin-foil Hat Brigade.

Geodkyt said...

I dare not go to the link, lest I have an aneurism...

Kevin Creighton said...

Piffle. Everybody knows it was a combined strike team of Greys, Boy Sprouts and the Vegans for Whirled Peas who took them out with an Orbital Mind Control Laser blast gone awry, working on the orders of the Discordian Society.

Why yes, I did play a lot of Illuminati! back in the day. Why do you ask?

Kristophr said...


The article is just fine, and sane.

Stay away from the comments though. You can see there how the conspiracy loons have whipped up the gold star parents into a fury.

Anonymous said...

Time for this sign to be used,13416.msg821693.html#msg821693


Windy Wilson said...

"So, in various . . . fake Bin Laden takedown."

You know, I saw this in a movie once, starring Harrison Ford as President Barak Obama.

Hey, they couldn't make a movie out of it if it weren't true!