Thursday, December 03, 2015

QotD:They Dare Not Speak Its Name Edition...

 Seen on a forum this morning regarding yesterday's outbreak of Sudden Jihadi Syndrome:
Apparently Farook traveled to Saudi Arabia a year or so ago, to meet and marry Malik who he met online.

Media still stupefied over possible motives....
The Today show is wall-to-wall "workplace violence mass shooting" as they cut off the legs of jihad to fit it into the Procrustean bed of the gun control narrative.

"We need more gun control laws" warble the talking heads, ignoring the fact that the shooting happened in California, a state that has every gun control law you could want.

Remember: The new definition of "mass shooting" is "four or more people hit by bullets". Consider that when they trot the totals out. If JJ shoots Pookie, Ice Dog, and Ray-Ray, and one of them manages to wing him back with return fire, that's a "mass shooting".

(They're counting the Virginia News Crew as a mass shooting because white reporters count as two ordinary people.)