Sunday, December 13, 2015

Out and About

Saturday morning dawned with an 8AM all-hands meeting at the shop. Shootin' Buddy met me there at 10:00 when the doors opened and we did some shooting.

From there we headed to lunch at 10-01 Food & Drink. The weather was balmy for practically the Ides of December, and we sat on the deck.

I had their Italian sausage Italian sausage, bacon, goat cheese, red chili, & basil marinara flatbread, and washed it down with a Bier Weizengoot. Shootin' Buddy had the hummus and a Bloomington 10-Speed hoppy wheat.

After lunch it was off to the theater to see In the Heart of the Sea, which I very much enjoyed.

On the way home, we stopped to check out Agrarian, which has all kinds of supplies for urban poultry, beekeeping, canning, home brewing, and other cool stuff. My friend Jenn would love it.

Since at no point did I have to use an AK, I pronounce it a good day.