Thursday, December 31, 2015

Avaunt, miscreants!

It was when I discovered my roommate investigating a noise in the back yard with an Enfield No.2 revolver that the idea occurred to me. Taking a report from a woman in a nightgown who had just shot a bad guy through the brisket with a .38 S&W round from a 70-year-old service revolver would guarantee that Officer Friendly wouldn't have to buy his own beers for a while, sure. However, the round itself was far from ideal for self defense and generally only available with lead round-nose bullets.

We had a 4" nickeled Smith & Wesson Military & Police model at the shop that was new enough to have a heat-treated cylinder and old enough to be interesting to Bobbi, and I knew that somewhere in my ammo stores was a small stash of standard pressure .38 Special JHP loads as well as some warm-loaded 148gr HBWC, which would also do in a pinch.

Sure, it was trading one medium-bore Depression-era service revolver for another, but I think it was a step up.