Thursday, December 10, 2015

...and Eight Hundred...

Took two boxes of Lucky Gunner's .380 to work with me today and after my shift was over, I ducked out on the range for some quick blasting.

The hundred rounds went by without a hiccup. Target was at 21 feet.

I was shooting mostly at a 1rd/sec cadence, although I tried to slow down some and see if I could correct the up-and-left drift that seems to accompany increased speeds with the gun.

I'm thinking about getting out to MCF&G with the thing and running some drills on the clock and/or from the holster instead of just dirtshooting to build the round count. It's hard to engage in serious shootery when you just want to get out of work and go home.

Anyway, that's 800 rounds fired since the gun was last cleaned or lubricated, with one failure to go completely into battery (#447). 1,200 rounds to go.