Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Weird dream last night.

I was working in a high-rise office building. Huge open floorplan offices with floor-to-ceiling glass. Near our office was a lobby and skybridge connecting to the skyscraper across the way.

The windows along the far wall got dark all of a sudden and the blimp that normall docked halfway along the skybridge nudged against the windows and dragged along them for the width of the building before  sloppily docking against the skybridge.

The blimp pilot came stumbling out of the docking tunnel and over to the elevator lobby. Big guy. Obviously wasted and smelling like a Cheech & Chong concert. Wearing nothing but his BVDs.

Coworker with a Learjet asked if I'd like to spend the night at his place out in Colorado, maybe shoot an elk in the back yard. I called home to let Bobbi know not to expect me home for dinner, and then remarked I'd have to run home for a change of clothes. The guy pointed out that there was a Gap clothing store in the building on the other end of the skybridge.

I ran over there, but in this dream version of the Gap, you couldn't just grab your jeans off the shelf. Instead, you used an iPad to delve through nested menus "relaxed fit...[enter]...stone-washed...[enter] the waist..." and a minion would fetch the proper jeans from the storeroom.

My iPad kept crashing, hanging up on a mandatory ad video that popped up between levels of the menu tree.
"I can see the jeans I need right there through the stockroom door!"

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but we have to use the iPad and they're just not cooperating today."

"Why are you making it harder for me to give you money?"
Then I woke up.