Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A New Era

Back in '94, when I first started working at the gun store full-time, I traded my Ruger P91DAO on a Glock 23. I mostly carried one of a succession of Glock 23s from then until 2000, when I switched to a Glock 29. Mostly. (I was still in that stage of my gun ownership where I thought having a "carry rotation" was a cool thing.)

I wasn't until 2003 that I made a commitment to carrying the same gun in the same place every day. Well, actually I had several 5" 1911s set up more-or-less identically, but that was what I carried and shot.

In 2011, I switched from the 1911 to an M&P9 for a host of reasons, capacity and weight foremost among them, but also a desire to stop nerding on the gun so much and concentrate on the shooting more.

I've come a long way shooting the M&P, competing with it and using it in a bunch of training classes, but I'd reached a point where I got to feeling like I'd reached a plateau with that gun. It's probably mostly psychological, but the fact remains that I feel pretty confident that I could pick up my CCA 1911, Sig P320, or that Glock 37 and shoot Dot Torture clean at three yards, yet I've never cleaned that drill with my M&P.

Since I was playing with that G37 so much, I took it as a hint. The other day I cleaned out my old Waller range bag, moved the contents to a new G.P.S. pack, added a Lasergrip to my Glock 19, and holstered it up.

Looks like 2016 is going to be the year of the Glock for me.