Tuesday, September 27, 2016

As usual...

...we are very late in throwing the official VFTP endorsement in Kilted to Kick Cancer month to a worthy underdog. Go support Team Guns & Coffee for that warm, plucky-underdog-supporting glow.

If you're in it for a chance to win some swag while kicking cancer's ass, Team Dragon (if KTKC had dynasties, they'd be one) has gone out and gotten some of Dennis's excellent holsters autographed by some luminaries:
"For every $10 donated you get one entry towards a holster that you want to try to win. Multiples of $10 can all go to one rig, or be split out among several. The holsters are my signature line of Valkyrie paddle rigs, as follows:

Tanburst, 1911 5", autographed by Dean Cain (actor who played Superman in the 1990's TV show Lois and Clark.)

Tanburst, 1911 5", autographed by Jesse James of Monster Garage and West Coast Choppers fame.

Greenburst with lime gren Ostrich Skin and embossed with the MHI logo, autographed by Larry Corriea.

Greenburst with green Kangaroo skin ALONG WITH Mahogany-trimmed Saddle Brown Crocodile skin, autographed by the Motor City Madman himself, Ted Nugent. He signed TWO!

Folks can see the holsters on my website here: https://www.dlwtn.com/kilted.

At the bottom of said page is a link to the KtKC donation page, with instructions on how to forward they PayPal receipt to me so I can enter them in a drawing."