Thursday, September 22, 2016


There's nothing like a little head-to-head shooting exercise to liven things up.

Jeff Hoskinson of MGM Targets sets up the targets...

...and explains the course of fire.

Head-to-head, the shooter had to knock down the three falling plates, execute a reload (reload with retention the first go-'round and a speed reload the second run-through) and drop their popper first. The stop poppers, of course, are set so they fall down overlapped, so there's no doubt about whose went down first.

I was up against Gail Pepin my first run, and not only was my reload an abysmally slow soup sandwich, but I did a speed reload instead of a tactical reload. My opponent sped ahead of me by the expedient of not reloading at all, so we both took our procedurals on that stage and moved on to the next one...

 Round Two had some good matchups...

Gail is shooting here against Denny Hansen, my boss at S.W.A.T. Magazine. Michael Bane and Massad Ayoob look on in the background.

The Ruger 9mm Commanders ran well, and shot really flat with that 10# recoil spring. A 9mm 1911 is pretty much shooting in "Easy Mode".

Mas goes up against Rich Nance in a tight race. Between these two and Jim Tarr, most of the rest of us were looking at fighting over fourth place.

There was a bowling pin event with those weird guns with round things in the middle, though, and your humble correspondent managed a second place overall finish in that, and seeing as the winner was the guy who literally wrote the book on bowling pin shooting, I'll take it.