Thursday, September 29, 2016


So, I took the remainder of the CapArms FMJ Target/Match ammo, as well as a box of the Duty/Carry, to the range yesterday to shoot some benched groups at 25 yards with the P320C. For each group, I loaded five rounds into the magazine, chambered the top round, shot the group, brought the target back, recorded the group size, and sent the target back out.

I'm thinking that the hand-chambered top round was opening up the groups, because each and every one had four pretty reasonably clustered rounds with a fifth shot hell and gone from the other four.

For instance, the first group of the 147gr FMJ, fired at the bottom right bull, had a cluster of four rounds in 3.6" just below the bull, and the fifth must have gone clear off the bottom of the paper.

And so it went for all the FMJ:
  • four rounds into 5" with the fifth opening the group to 10.25"*
  • four rounds into 3.5" with the fifth opening the group to 6"
  • four rounds into 5.5" with the fifth opening the group to 6.5"
  • four rounds into 5.6" with the fifth opening the group to 9.8"**
*That one was a called flier.
**This fifth group I shot freehand unsupported.

After the FMJ, I cracked open a container of the Duty/Carry ammo with its XTP JHP projectiles, and tried again, using the same method. There was still the fifth-round phenomenon, but not as pronounced.
  • four rounds into 5.25" with the fifth opening the group to 8"
  • four rounds into 4.4" with the fifth opening the group to 6.2"
  • four rounds into 3.25" with the fifth opening the group to 3.8"

I fired the last five shot group of the XTP freehand, standing, just to see if it would give me any better results.

The first shot, unfortunately, is that one high and slightly right, not the one at six o'clock on the bull below the one I was aiming at. That one was cranked off toward the end of the string before I'd cleaned up my sight picture. I might have cussed some, because even with the first round being high-right, those four went into 2.2", which is about as good a freehand standing group as I've fired at 25 yards, and then I blew it.

Boresight Solutions frame would look cool in an a-ha video.
Now I feel like I have something to avenge.