Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Grime Will Tell...

Friday morning at the range, I fired off the last box of the Sellier & Bellot 180gr FMJ from Lucky Gunner through the Glock 20. I also had most of a box of 9mm and decided to run it through one of the 22rd ETS magazines I'd recently bought but hadn't used yet.

I had forty rounds of nine and loaded them into the mag twenty at a time. Although forty rounds isn't indicative of anything, I was pleased that there were no hitches whatsoever. (I put another sixty-eight rounds through it yesterday morning as well. I'll try and keep a running tally...)

The Glock 20 on the other hand...

The griminess seems to have affected the big 10mm more than any of the other Glocks I've done this with. There was a small amount of drama with the Glock 32 test, while the 19 and 37 were pretty near trouble free, but the light, off-center primer strikes are really beginning to plague the G20 now.

There were three on Friday, on rounds #3, #5, and #47 of the day (#1,683, #1,685, and #1,727 of the test).

Page 84 of my Glock Armorer's Manual says the fix is either a good cleaning...or possibly it's a too-tight extractor. (Which might explain the intermittent and odd failures-to-feed, as well.) When I tear this thing down for a cleaning at the end, the extractor (and extractor spring) will be getting prophylactically replaced. I'll be keeping an eye on this one in the future to see how that affects things. Another good reason for keeping log books on guns...

This makes 1,730 rounds since the Glock 20 was cleaned or lubricated, with six failures to feed (#401, #454, #1,213, #1,297, #1,413, #1,593) and eleven failures to fire (#598, #1,016, #1,029, #1,376, #1,595, #1,628, #1,633, #1,640, #1,683, #1,685, #1,727). 270 rounds to go.