Friday, September 30, 2016


Two guns to the range yesterday, one to diagnose ammo and the other to diagnose the gun.

The P320C was to test the CCI Blazer, which had caused multiple failures to extract in the Ruger American Compact on Saturday's range trip with Shootin' Buddy. The ammo ran in the Sig, but the way rounds dribbled out of the ejection port and rolled down my forearm, or flipped weakly back just far enough to bounce off my eye pro and land in my shirt pocket, tells me that this is a weaksauce batch of CCI's budget load. They skimped on the powder and passed the savings along to the customer. Won't hold that against the Ruger.

The Glock 39 had been detail stripped and the slide flushed out with Slip2000 Cleaner/Degreaser and scrubbed of all the sticky residue, and then the striker assembly, extractor claw, and firing pin safety plunger were scrubbed with the cleaner until they were slippery to the touch instead of tacky. I reassembled it with yet a different trigger bar and took it to the range where it fired off the Magtech just fine. I think I have it pretty well de-bugged, but we'll see how it does with S&B.