Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Same Planet, Different Worlds...

So, as half the planet knows by now, Glenn Reynolds got his Twitter account briefly yanked for this tweet the other day:

In one parallel universe, it's a cold-blooded exhortation to run over people peacefully protesting the cold-blooded, racist extrajudicial murder of an innocent man armed only with a book.

In the other parallel universe, Glenn was blurting out what to do when bonfire-setting, truck-looting rioters were blocking the interstate ahead of you and converging on you and your loved ones in your car.

In that first universe, George Zimmerman chased down and shot an innocent teenager while playing wannabe cop, Michael Brown was gunned down like a dog in the middle of the street while his hands were raised in surrender, and Alton Sterling was murdered for selling CDs.

In that universe, people who've never been punched in the nose and wouldn't know use-of-force policy from a hole in the ground sit in cool judgment of actions taken under pressure in the blink of an eye while discounting any physical evidence that doesn't fit their narrative.

The problem is plainly obvious to anybody with two functioning brain cells to rub together, but I have no clue what the answer is, here.