Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Okay, I'm going in...

I'm going to make sure the G39 is clean and lubed, with a fresh recoil spring assembly, and do the 2,000 round thing with it. It's going to be a little bit 'spensive in the ammo department, but I'm legit curious to see how it holds up.

My only real experience with the teeny Glocks, other than with diagnosing customer or range rental guns, has been with a pair of .357SIG Glock 33s I owned in succession back around the turn of the millennium. Being honest with myself, they probably saw a couple hundred rounds, tops, in those days of weekly range visits with two or three pistols randomly selected from the dozen or so I owned... Well, I meant to get to the range weekly, but sometimes it was more like bi-weekly. Or monthly. But I shot a lot, you betcha, and my guns were all flawless over, I dunno, like a thousand rounds! Or more!

You can see why I'm skeptical of Internet gun claims; I have been as guilty of them as anybody, and it's why I try and document the bejeezus out of things now. You think I've never been standing there with a gun I like, with the slide hung up just slightly out of battery, and nobody on the range but me and my conscience...and my self-respect? There's often an audible sigh as I pull the pen out of my pocket and scribble "#72 OOB" on a piece of torn-off cartridge box flap.

Every five hundred rounds I'll do the recoil spring test, too. Rule of thumb on the compact & midsize Gen 3 guns is replacing the RSA somewhere in the 2,500-3,000 round area, but I'm unsure of the subcompacts.