Thursday, September 29, 2016

Critical Defense and Critical Duty

Got to see Hornady's 135gr +P Critical Duty fired into ballistic gel while we were out at FTW Ranch...

The +P stuff did dandy out of a small auto, even through the panoply of barriers dictated by the FBI's ammunition testing protocol.

Penetration was 12"-14" across the board. No jackets stripped off by sheet metal or auto glass.

It was my first chance to see the .44 Special 165gr FTX bullet fired into anything more scientific than a water tank, too. Through denim, shirt, & tee shirt, the bullet expanded just dandily...

 ...but the penetration was less impressive. Intellectually, I was prepared for this, since the bullet has the sectional density of a dime, but it was still a little sad-making to see with my eyes.