Monday, October 31, 2016

Product Improved

On the bottom is the early Robar Custom Glock 17 that has been my inadvertent carry gun for several months now.

I say "inadvertent" because I installed an Overwatch Precision trigger that they sent me for T&E in it and decided to use it in the Rangemaster class I took in Nappanee back in early August. Since the class would involve a large amount of drawing and holstering, I moved the Gadget from my carry G19 to the 17. Out of sheer laziness, I never moved it back and therefore have been carrying the 17 since then, including using it at the Citizens Defense Research class in Ohio and at ECQC out in Albuquerque.

Other than a few user-induced FTEs at the Givens class and once fouling the slide on my right bewb shooting from retention in ECQC, I've had absolutely zero trouble from the gun. According to my logs, I've put 2,660 rounds through the gun since I've had it, which means it's nearing time for a prophylactic recoil spring change.

Incidentally, I'm glad I let Dark Star Gear talk me into the G17-length holster even though I was intending to carry the G19 in it.

People were telling me that the ECQC class was going to be a lens through which I viewed a lot of stuff very differently afterwards and they weren't kidding. One example is that I now really prefer holsters from holster makers who've attended that class. There's a reason that a handful of holster makers are dramatically over-represented in that sector of the training community...

The P320 Compact I won at the Friends of the NRA dinner immediately received the Boresight Solutions frame transplant (I had the frame on hand; it's why, when I had first pick off the Wall of Guns, I picked the 320C) and that's the state it was in when I took it along out to Blogorado to let some other folks try it. It's now had 226 rounds through it, and this weekend I swapped the fire control unit to a friend for his Gray Guns tuned FCU, so it's now technically a different gun. The trigger is phenomenal, and I've ordered a set of Dawson Precision sights to go on it.

I guess this marks the start of 2,000 rounds for the 320C, then? 226 down and 1,774 to go?