Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Derpening? The Derpvergence? The Derpularity?

So, there you are, hunkered down with a good (well, good-ish) cheekweld on the stock of your bullpup Mosin 91/30, squinting through the 36-color illuminated mil-dot reticle of your UTG 6-24x50 at the advancing horde of shambling blue-helmeted UN Nazi zombies. It's your job to provide overwatch for the third platoon of the Mom's Basement militia, and if you can't cover their flanks with accurate sniper fire, they'll be overrun and turned into zombie merde.

But who will cover your flank? If only your spotter had a weapon worthy of protecting you, the wielder of Tsarina, so that you could keep her barking defiance at the undead!

Never fear, your spotter's weapon is here.