Sunday, October 09, 2016

Impressed thus far...

The LCP II was tried by several shooters yesterday. It's now had 111 rounds run through it with only one stoppage, and that was caused by a dud primer in a round of MagTech .380 FMJ. I ran it through twice without it igniting, and then tried it in my Sig P250 with similar results.

Stuff like this is why I get skeptical when I hear people telling me they've fired zillions of (un-logged, un-corroborated) rounds through their blaster. "All those cases and cases of ammo and not a single dud primer or out-of-spec case?"

"Nary a one."

"I am dubious."

I was shooting plates at fifteen yards a lot more easily than I would have been with the DA triggered original. It's still not the sort of gun you'd want to shoot all day, but the wider backstrap did help mitigate felt recoil.

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