Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Ups and Downs...

Yesterday morning I corrected one obvious error I'd made with the Glock 39: When I'd swapped in a new trigger bar, I swapped in the entire assembly: Trigger/trigger bar, and the trigger mechanism housing/ejector assembly.

But the trigger mechanism housing I'd swapped in was one for a 9mm, which has a different ejector than the one used by the .45 GAP. So yesterday I swapped the original trigger bar and trigger mechanism back into the gun, while also replacing the entire striker assembly in the slide with a complete spare I had on hand.

(The fact that someone with my level of total mechanical ineptitude can do this in five minutes on a TV tray in the office before heading to the range is a testament to the simplicity of the design.)

Unfortunately, this didn't clear up the problem. I had high hopes, as the first three magazines (19 rounds total) went down without a hitch, but the light, off-center primer strikes quickly reappeared.

My last try here is to replace the firing pin safety assembly and extractor assembly with the known-good ones in my Glock 37 and take it to the range today and see if it works. I want it to work, because the little gun really does shoot great, and there's something about a tiny little gun that launches huge fat bullets that appeals to my inner gun nerd.