Wednesday, October 05, 2016


The 37 sports Ameriglo CAP sights and a ZEV Fulcrum trigger.
The proof is in the shooting, right?

I took the 39 to the range with a hundred rounds of ammo, and the firing pin safety and extractor assembly from the 37 installed in its slide.The light, off-center strikes still occurred, so I drove home and retrieved the G37 (which now had the possibly problematic parts from the 39 installed in it.)

Raven Freya magwell on G37 is working out well.
The 37 continued to run like a top. According to my logbook at, it has fired 2,180 rounds of all kinds of .45 GAP ammo since last October, with one failure to feed and one failure to fire in that time. I want the 39 to run like that.