Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Locavore ammunition...

Bobcat Armament is an Indiana company best known for making steel targets. They're also in the ammo biz and I picked up a hundred rounds of their 9mm FMJ at an Indy 1500 gun show with the intent to chrono it and see how consistent it was.

Finally got to the range with it on Monday morning, and here's the tale of the tape for the 124gr FMJ load:
LO: 1062
HI: 1100
AV: 1082
ES: 37.76
SD: 13.49
I was reasonably impressed. The rest of the ammo shot fine, too. I didn't shoot any groups with it, mostly banging steel at about 20 yards. Based on initial impressions, I'd have no problem buying more.