Friday, May 12, 2017

Pure gun nerdery...or is it?

Gats, Uplula, PHLster Skeleton 2 holster, and Flatpack TQ carrier...
My multi-caliber Gen4 Glock 35 with its .357SIG barrel goes up against the Sig Sauer X-Carry...only the X-Carry is fitted with the slide/barrel assembly from a .357SIG full-size Caliber X-Change kit. It's an "X-357"!

I had a couple boxes of .357SIG Speer Lawman 125gr FMJ on hand, and I took them both to Indy Arms Co with the guns for a little fun making loudenboomer noises.

The X-Carry's grip seems to really be more controllable with the .357SIG than the original P320 grip. That's entirely subjective, and I'll have to get to the outdoor range with my timer to make sure it wasn't all in my head, but the gun sure seemed to shoot flatter and twist less in the grip.

The "X-357" in a Dark Star Gear kydex IWB holster. Would I carry this gun configured like this? I...I very likely would. I mean, I liked .357SIG before it was cool, and I still like it even after it's stopped begin cool. #truefan