Saturday, May 06, 2017

Fun Show Report...

Flintlocks and Flop-tops
And Number Three Russians
Black-powder Mausers
From jackbooted Prussians,
Shiny Smith PC's from limited runs
These are a few of my favorite guns.

Socketed bay'nets
On Zulu War rifles,
Engraved, iv'ried Lugers
That make quite an eyefull
Mosin tomato stakes sold by the ton
These are a few of my favorite guns.

Rusty top-breaks!
Smallbore Schuetzens!
And all of Browning's spawn
I just keep on browsing my favorite guns
Until all my money's gone.
Little show at the Marion County Fairgrounds today.  Lots of vendors obviously still clearing stocks of panic-hoarded AR mags and suchlike. It was a buyer's market for little pocket self defense guns, too. Shields are a hair under three bills when you factor in the rebate, and there were tables of Elsie Peas for two-fitty.

Rimfire ammo is starting to show up in quantity again. I picked up a 500-round brick of Aguila plated hollow points for 6½¢/round, as well as fifty rounds of Velocitor and fifty of the CCI Copper .22 stuff. This stuff has a date with the chronograph and some jello in its future, both from a normal-size handgun, a rifle, and the little NAA Mini...