Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Random Thoughts...

  • There's nothing like two days of walking a convention (plus a side excursion on foot to the old neighborhood) to let you know everything you need to know about a pair of shoes. Turns out that my shiny new Moab Ventilators, which had been so comfortable up to this point, are apparently just a little narrow in the heel.

  • Driving home yesterday, I was pretty well paralleling a strong weather front before finally turning west and crossing it just north of Cincinnati. On one side of the front it was in the high 70s and on the other it was in the low 50s. This meant the car was buffeted by gusting 30-40mph crosswinds the whole way. Under those circumstances, suddenly dropping the hammer on the Zed Drei at 85-90mph can cause the traction control light to illuminate. This was an interesting phenomenon.

  • Related: Saturday it was 90 degrees out where I was. Alexa has just informed me that it's precisely half that outside where I am right now. I hurt all over. Time for Vitamin I!