Sunday, August 27, 2017

Friday Range Day...

I started off Friday morning with some Dot Torture with the Boresight Solutions/Grayguns P320C. The rear sight needs drifting slightly to the right. Also, I need more finger on the trigger.

For some reason, the Dawson Chargers shoot low for me. My aiming point on those dots was to put the red fiber dot just inside the circle at 12 o'clock.

Then it was time for DAO trigger work at ten yards, with P250C's in both .22LR and 9x19 flavors. The DAO trigger setup on the P250 seems to have an effect very like "trigger slap" you see on AK-pattern guns. My trigger finger is pretty tender after fifty quick rounds.

The above target was fifty rounds from each gun, shooting moderately quickly, at ten yards.

While I was at Indy Arms Co. on Friday morning, my test P320 X-Carry arrived back from Fairfax, where it had been sent for beauty shots for the recent Shooting Illustrated review.

 I decided to grab a box of CCI Blazer Brass and run out on the range to see how it ran...

Fifty rounds at seven yards at about a .5-.7 split pace. I am so very crazy in love with the geometry of the X-frames on the 320.