Thursday, August 24, 2017

That's what "propaganda" means...

There's apparently a new ISIS recruiting video featuring footage of an alleged American kid delivering a scripted message of death to the infidels and et cetera. The usual stuff. For some reason it made the Today show this morning.

The Today show story involved an interview with some dude who was, I guess, supposed to be an expert on this sort of thing. He used his most profound tone of voice to say that the imagery in the video was "deliberate", in case we were maybe thinking someone had just dropped a video camera and it landed on the REC. button and picked up all these scenes accidentally.

He also said that the video was meant to be provocative. I appreciated him clearing that up, as I'd always supposed that ISIS propaganda videos were meant to be soothing, or to jolly us along.

I can only imagine that the expert's thoughts before the camera started rolling were "Shit, I have to make mouth noises about this for thirty seconds. What am I gonna say?"