Thursday, August 31, 2017

Two hundred more...

Wednesday morning saw me at Indy Arms Co again, with the P30L and another two-hundred rounds of ammunition.

Notice there's no Uplula mag loader in this picture? It's not really necessary for the P30. Other companies would probably have tried to cram 17 or 18 rounds in a tube of this length, but HK was content with fifteen. This could have something to do with the gun's stellar reputation for reliability.

As Bill Riehl once noted at, Heckler & Koch is an excellent magazine manufacturer, and that's the tricky part about making a reliable self-loading pistol. Since the rest of the gun just does the same thing with every shot, all the variables are in the feeding device.

So I started with the little shapes in the upper right corner at four yards. The red star and the yellow triangle got a full magazine each, fired in pairs, decocking between each pair. The gray square and blue circle got the remaining twenty rounds, again shooting two rounds at a time, presenting to the square for the first shot and transitioning to the circle for the second.

Then I fired fifty rounds at the upper group at five yards. (Got a little carried away with that one round...)

Finally I ran the target to seven yards and tried to work on speed with the last hundred rounds.

The HK P30L has now fired 400 rounds since it was last cleaned or lubricated with no failures of any type to report. 1600 rounds left to go.