Saturday, August 12, 2017


So, I lucked into a used P290RS with night sights, three mags, and two holsters for $300 at Indy Arms Company. Let's do the 2,000 round thing with it and see if it puts on a performance to match the one turned in by the Glock 43.

One hundred rounds were fired today to kick things off. I accidentally partially dropped one of the eight-round mags trying to work out the best grip on this thing, which caused the slide to close on an empty chamber, but I'm not counting that against the gun.

I was railing on some A/B/C steel at about seven yards. The DAO trigger took a little getting used to, but by the time I'd finished the first fifty rounds, it was pretty easy to maintain a cadence in the high .4's.

So that's 100 rounds down since the gun was cleaned or lubed with no malfunctions to report. 1,900 rounds left to go.