Thursday, August 24, 2017


Another hundred rounds through the P290RS at Indy Arms Company yesterday: fifty more Winchester 124gr NATO FMJ and fifty Federal Tactical 124gr HST.

Even with the standard pressure HST, this is getting uncomfortable.

See that miss under the target's ear? That's because after firing 49 rounds of the Winchester at five yards, constantly shifting my index finger around on the trigger to find a place where it hurt the least, I gave up and switched hands to shoot the last round of the box weak-hand-only and promptly shanked it low right.

With the target at seven yards, I fired the box of Federal HST at the lower A-zone. Rounds 95, 96, and 97, I thought the gun had broken and wasn't resetting, but I think it was just that my trigger finger was tired enough and sore enough that I wasn't letting the trigger out far enough to reset before pulling it again. Rounds 98 & 99 went fine, and the issue didn't show up the next day.

With anything but the softest-shooting 115gr range ammo, this is an unpleasant gun to shoot for much over a 50-rd range session. I'd rather fire a hundred rounds through the Bodyguard .380 or the LCP II any day.

This range session made it 400 rounds since the gun had been cleaned or lubed, with no malfunctions charged against the gun. 1600 rounds to go.