Monday, August 28, 2017

MRAPs for Mayberry is go again.

Jeff Sessions should be happy down to his wrinkly little drug warrior toes today with the announcement he gets to make at the FOP conference in Nashville:
Personally, I have no real beef with the po-po having armored trucks. There are plenty of legit uses for those.

For most departments, though, MRAPs are kind of a mess because of their unique servicing requirements. A Lenco BearCat, built on a heavy-duty Ford chassis, can be serviced at the county road maintenance yard, but Uncle Sam isn't handing those out on a free indefinite loan basis.

From what I can tell, a serious number of MRAPs loaned out to the constabulary wind up deadlined for lack of maintenance, and are therefore unavailable on a moments notice should we suddenly decide we need them back to go change a regime someplace.