Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Back at it again...

One thing I discovered at the range last weekend was that my ability to control the trigger at speed had gone to hell, and my recoil control had suffered, too.

While the desultory dry-firing I've been doing at my desk over the last couple months has kept my slow-fire accuracy from going completely to hell, there's no way to improve recoil control or resetting  during recoil and prepping as the sights settle without busting actual caps.

Seven yards, and struggling at a pace that would have been dawdling at this time in 2017; mostly .35-.45 splits. Nothing for it but to get back at it...

(For some reason I reversed the guns in that pic. The lower fifty rounds were with the Grayguns P30L, the upper fifty with the Grayguns SP2022.)