Monday, July 08, 2019

Fast Radio Burst

Scientists have located the origin point of a fast radio burst, from outside our galaxy. What causes these radio bursts?
"Meanwhile, the mystery behind the cause of fast radio bursts remains, causing speculation. 
People love to believe that they're from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization, and this hypothesis hasn't been ruled out entirely by researchers at Breakthrough Listen, a scientific research program dedicated to finding evidence of intelligent life in the universe."
The thing is, see, that it comes from a galaxy 7.9 billion light years from ours, so that even if it is a message from an intelligent civilization, they almost certainly uploaded all their brains into the matrix, or nuked themselves into oblivion, 7.89 billion years ago.

If you think that the transmission delay is annoyingly bad when it's Christiane Amanpour reporting from Jalalabad, that's tiddlywinks compared to this. A CNN correspondent would have to hold their hand to their ear and nod robotically for 4.15224e+15 minutes before answering Anderson Cooper's question about what life is like amongst the methane breathing silicon creatures. You'd have time to get a beer and go to the bathroom without missing the answer.