Thursday, July 25, 2019

"It's alive!" (Part One)

Finished all the paperwork to get this done today, simply because it tickled my sense of whimsy.

Indiana allows the use of "year of manufacture" license plates on a vehicle that qualifies via a simple checklist. Since this is just a fun car for the occasional roadtrip or weekend rumble to the ice cream shop (the Zed Drei is still my daily driver for gas mileage reasons) I paid the tariff.

Still, since this is the very newest Mustang...and the first year of this body qualify for the year-of-manufacture plates, I'll be keeping my papers handy any time I go runabout in it for the next year or three. I'm just happy the "Amber Waves of Grain" plate matches the car so well.

EDIT: Also waiting for the inevitable "Those are 1996 taillights!" emails. Yeah, I know they are. The originals are dumb-looking and in a box someplace.