Wednesday, July 03, 2019

That pink thingie...

Sig P320 Compact with Grayguns trigger, Boresight Solutions frame, and Dawson Precision sights.
In addition to the purple Dark Star Gear P320 holster, you might notice that my usual black UpLULA mag loader has been replaced by a brightly-colored pink one.

There's a story.

I keep two range bags in the trunk of my car, one is the big GPS backpack that has...well, everything in it: timer, laser rangefinder, pasters, stapler, spare staples, spare eye pro, blowout kit, boo-boo kit, bug spray, sun screen, extras of most everything, and a partridge in a pear tree. This is the outdoor range & gun school range bag.

The other "range bag" is a gimme bag from the Sig Sauer booth at SHOT or NRAAM a few years ago, and it's mostly used to haul my indoor ear pro, an UpLULA, pocket blowout kit & TQ, and that day's ammunition back and forth from the trunk to the firing line at Indy Arms Co.

Now, for the last several years, I've had two UpLULAs: One on my desk and one for the range bag. One day the other week, I forgot the loader in the other range bag and decided to just bite the bullet on a third, so that now I have one at my desk and one for each range bag. The bright color? They're a lot less likely to walk off that way, especially because a lot of dudes seem to be allergic to pink in a way they aren't to bright yellow or safety orange.

Now I just need to remember to swap out the black one in the GPS range bag for the raspberry one on my desk.