Saturday, August 08, 2020


I was contacted by several people regarding this video and was prepared to see something awful. I've been out of town for work the last couple days so I was worried...until I watched the video.

Yes, I know where that is. That's Meridian Street, Indianapolis's main north-south artery, where it goes under I-65 between 10th Street and 16th Street, the part known as "Broadcaster's Row" because it goes past the offices for all the local network affiliates and the Indiana public broadcasting offices. That's about four or five miles from Roseholme Cottage as the crow flies.

It didn't look like a violent protest to me. Looked like a pretty diverse crowd, including parents with children, peacefully assembled for the redress of (at least perceived*) grievances. Nobody was breaking anything; they were just chanting slogans. That's in the Bill of Rights, too, even before the part about guns. Yeah, marching down the middle of the street to do it wasn't very bright or polite, but Indianapolis doesn't have a jaywalking ordinance, either.

Instead of taking a right on 12th and cutting over to Capitol Avenue (or a left on 14th and cutting over to Pennsylvania Avenue) and continuing their journey south, dude in the blue truck tried to bull right through the middle of the crowd because MUH RIGHTS and discovered that in Indiana people can carry guns and might take umbrage at you attempting to run them over.

I don't have a dog in that particular fight; not my circus, not my monkeys.

*Indianapolis had a police shooting a couple months ago that, at least to my eyes, didn't seem really controversial, but there aren't any uncontroversial police shootings right now.