Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Unexpectedly Sage

Kitteh actually has good advice for shooting a slide-mounted MRDS...

A lot of folks recommend using iron sights to learn how to find the dot, when actually doing that is holding the shooter back and slowing them down.

With a slide mounted MRDS, it seems like people's biggest failure is trying to look at the dot, rather than looking at the target and sticking the gun between their face and what they're looking at.

It's actually harder for people who've trained themselves for years to perform the completely physically unnatural act of looking at the gun instead of what they're shooting at. Shooting a pistol with iron sights well, you are training yourself to do a completely counterintuitive thing, which is to look at the weapon rather than what you are trying to hit with the weapon; it's a hard skill to learn and takes a lot of repetition to ingrain it.

But when you swing a stick at something, you don't look at the stick. When you throw a rock, you don't watch your hand. The advantage of a red dot sight is that it allows you to do the natural thing, which is to look at the target, while still delivering precisely aimed shots.

Just stick the pistol in front of your nose while looking at the target and the dot will be there. Your hand knows how to put something in front of your nose; you've been doing it all your life. You can do it with your eyes closed, even.