Monday, February 01, 2021

Bring the gun up, not your head down.

So, NJT was making some comment recently about keeping his head up while he was shooting, like it was something odd. Well, if it took neck surgery to get him to hold his head in the right place...

Look, NJT, here's K.C. Eusebio...

"Yeah, but he's some gamer with one of those newfangled dot sights!"

Okay, here's Dave Sevigny...

"Sure, sure, those are proper iron sights, but he's still a gamer!"

What about Ernest Langdon?

"Well, okay, he was in the Marines for a good bit, but he's done an awful lot of gaming!"

Sure, okay, so Tim Kennedy then? I don't think he does any gaming that doesn't involve choking people out and getting punched in the face.

Here's Scott Jedlinski, making a Glock sound like a buzzgun. This is about as hunched up as I've ever seen him shoot and you'll notice his head is still erect and he's looking straight forward.

Your eyes work best when they're pointed straight forward and not rolled halfway up into your skull. Bring the gun up to your face, don't try and stuff your face down on the gun. (I know turtling is a hard habit to break, believe me; it's a constant struggle for me.)

EDIT: Further discussion has me wanting to point out the several other benefits of this!

For example, it's more efficient and therefore faster. Leaving your head still and bringing the gun to your face is just faster and more repeatable than having your eyeline and the pistol both in motion at the same time and hoping to run across each other at some undefined point in space.

Because of this, it's also vastly superior for using optical sights. Hold your face still while looking at the target, and just stick the pistol between your face and the target. 

Proprioception! It's a real thing!