Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Concealing a Cannon

Carrying a jumbo-size blaster like a Glock 21 or the new FN 510 discreetly can be a chore, especially since concealment-oriented holsters for large autos are sometimes difficult to find.

One solution has been to use light-bearing holsters that index on the light and thus accommodate a wide variety of pistols.

The FN 510 is actually too big for the Bawidamann Gotham, which will swallow a P220 or Brigadier-slide Spaghetta with ease.

It works in the original PHLster Floodlight with the shock cord set at its loosest. We're fixin' to give it a whirl in the Floodlight 2.

FN 510 Tactical with Holosun 508 & Surefire X300U